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Dr. Thomas Stef­fen

State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance

Born in Simmern, Rhineland-Palatinate, in 1961

Educational and professional career
1981 to 1986Studies in law and political science at the universities of Mainz and Dijon
1986First state examination in law
1989 to 1990Doctorate at the University of Mainz with comparative courses of study at the London School of Economics
1990Second state examination in law
1990 to 1991Policy Officer, Industrial Policy Directorate-General, Federal Ministry of Economics
1992Policy Officer, Executive Staff, Treuhand Agency
1993 to 1994Policy Officer, European Policy Directorate-General, Federal Ministry of Economics
1994 to 1995Head of Division for State Assets at the Finance Ministry of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
1995 to 1997Policy Officer, Directorate-General for Federal Industrial Holdings and Privatisation, Federal Ministry of Finance
1997 to 1998Private Secretary to the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance, Irmgard Karwatzki
1999 to 2000Policy Officer, German Bundestag
2000 to 2002Head of Division, Federal Government Export Guarantees and State Guarantees, Federal Ministry of Finance
2002 to 2010First Director (until March 2008) and Executive Director, Member of the Executive Board of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority responsible for insurance and pension fund supervision
October 2010 to December 2011Head of Directorate-General E (European Policy), Federal Ministry of Finance
Since January 2012

State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance, responsible for:

  • Directorate General I (General Issues and International Policies)
  • Directorate-General VII (Financial Market Policy)
  • Directorate-General E (European Policy)
Further mandates
Federal Financial Supervisory Authority: Chairman of the Administrative Council
Federal Agency for Financial Market Stabilisation: Chairman of the Steering Committee
Financial Stability Committee: Chairman of the Committee

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