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17 December 2018

Financial markets

Pho­to gallery of the Fis­cal Pol­i­cy Sem­i­nar 2018

The Finance Ministry’s first Fiscal Policy Seminar took place in Berlin on 13-14 December 2018. The two-day event brought together experts from academia, central banks and government ministries – and hailing from a total of 14 countries – to discuss the role that well-functioning and stable financial markets play in fostering sound fiscal policies. This year’s Best Paper Award was presented to a group of four co-authors whose study showed that financial markets exert disciplinary effects on the actions that governments take.


Torsten Arnswald, Head of Division for fiscal policy at the Finance Ministry, announces the winning paper

Torsten Arnswald, Head of Division in the Federal Ministry of Finance-Policy Department, announces the winner's contribution
Source:  Federal Ministry of Finance

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