By default, the search is defined to retrieve entries containing all the search terms you have entered. You can refine your search results using the following options:

  • Insert the word OR between two search terms to retrieve entries containing either of the terms.

  • Enclose text in quotation marks (“”) to retrieve entries containing exactly that text.

  • Use the question mark symbol (?) as a wildcard to replace any single character in a search term.

  • Use the asterisk symbol (*) as a wildcard for any combination of characters. For example, a search for tax* will retrieve entries for tax, taxes, taxation etc.

  • Add the tilde symbol (~) at the end of an individual word means to carry out a fuzzy search and retrieve entries containing words similar to the search term.

The search results will be presented in chronological order by default. You can also sort the results alphabetically or according to relevance. The search tool enables you to filter according to topic as well as restrict your search to particular types of document (e.g., interviews or press releases). You can also limit your results to a particular publication date.