The Advisory Board to the Federal Ministry of Finance advises and supports policy-makers by providing expert opinions and analysis on various topics, based on academic research. A list of its members is available here.

Current members of the Advisory Board are:

Prof Dr Marcel Thum (chairman)

Prof Jörg Rocholl, PhD (vice-chairman)

Prof Klaus Adam, PhD

Prof Dr Dieter Brümmerhoff

Prof Dr Thiess Büttner

Prof Dr Lars P. Feld

Prof Dr Lutz Fischer

Prof Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, PhD

Prof Dr Clemens Fuest

Prof Dr Klaus Dirk Henke

Prof Dr Joachim Hennrichs

Prof Dr Johanna Hey

Prof Dr Bernd Friedrich Huber

Prof Dr Wolfgang Kitterer

Prof Dr Kai A. Konrad

Prof Dr Jan Pieter Krahnen

Prof Dr Gerold Krause Junk

Prof Dr Alois Oberhauser

Prof Dr Andreas Peichl

Prof Dr Rolf Peffekoven

Prof Dr Helga Pollak

Prof Dr Wolfram F. Richter

Prof Dr Nadine Riedel

Prof Dr Kerstin Roeder

Prof Dr Ronnie Schöb

Prof. Dr Ulrich Schreiber

Prof Dr Hartmut Söhn

Prof Dr Christoph Spengel

Prof Dr Klaus Stern

Prof Dr Christoph Trebesch

Prof Dr Christian Waldhoff

Prof Dr Alfons Weichenrieder

Prof Dr Dietmar Wellisch

Prof Volker Wieland, PhD

Prof Dr Wolfgang Wiegard

Prof Dr Berthold Wigger

Prof Dr Horst Zimmermann

Contact person at the Federal Ministry of Finance:

Anke Blümel

Phone: +49 3018/682-2627