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Laws in En­glish

This section contains a selection of German laws translated into English. Please note that the translations are intended solely as a convenience. Only the German text is authentic.

Act on the Monitoring of Financial Stability (Finanzstabilitätsgesetz)

Date of signature: 28 November 2012
Act on the Mon­i­tor­ing of Fi­nan­cial Sta­bil­i­ty [pdf, 37KB]

Act to Promote Economic Stability and Growth ( Gesetz zur Förderung der Stabilität und des Wachstums der Wirtschaft )

Date of signature: 08 June 1967
Act to Pro­mote Eco­nom­ic Sta­bil­i­ty and Growth [pdf, 50KB]

Article 115 Act ( Artikel 115-Gesetz )

Act on the Implementation of Article 115 of the Basic Law
Date of signature: 10 August 2009
Act on the Im­ple­men­ta­tion of Ar­ti­cle 115 of the Ba­sic Law (Ar­ti­cle 115 Act) [pdf, 282KB]

Article 115 Ordinance ( Artikel 115-Verordnung )

Ordinance on the Procedure for Determining the Cyclical Component under Section 5 of the Article 115 Act
Date of signature: 9 June 2010
Or­di­nance on the Pro­ce­dure for De­ter­min­ing the Cycli­cal Com­po­nent un­der Sec­tion 5 of the Ar­ti­cle 115 Act (Ar­ti­cle 115 Or­di­nance) [pdf, 11KB]

Budgetary Principles Act ( Haushaltsgrundsätzegesetz )

Act on the Principles of Federation and Länder Budgetary Law
Date of signature: 19 August 1969
Act on the Prin­ci­ples of Fed­er­a­tion and Län­der Bud­getary Law (Bud­getary Prin­ci­ples Act) [pdf, 288KB]

Consolidation Assistance Act ( Konsolidierungshilfengesetz )

Act on the Granting of Consolidation Assistance
Date of signature: 10 August 2009
Act on the Grant­ing of Con­sol­i­da­tion As­sis­tance (Con­sol­i­da­tion As­sis­tance Act) [pdf, 12KB]

ESM Financing Act (ESM-Finanzierungsgesetz)

Act on Financial Participation in the European Stability Mechanism
Date of Signature: 13 September 2012
ESM Fi­nanc­ing Act [pdf, 378KB]

Federal Budget Code ( Bundeshaushaltsordnung )

Date of signature: 19 August 1969
Fed­er­al Bud­get Code [pdf, 709KB]

Federal Court of Auditors Act ( Bundesrechnungshofgesetz )

Act on the Federal Court of Auditors
Date of signature: 11 July 1985
Act on the Fed­er­al Court of Au­di­tors (Fed­er­al Court of Au­di­tors Act) [pdf, 36KB]

Fiscal Code ( Abgabenordnung )

As on 1 January 2015
Fis­cal Code (Ab­gabenord­nung) [pdf, 1MB]

Insurance Tax Act ( Versicherungsteuergesetz )

Date of signature: 8 April 1922
In­sur­ance Tax Act [pdf, 76KB]

Stabilisation Mechanism Act (Stabilisierungsmechanismusgesetz)

Act on the Assumption of Guarantees within the Framework of a European Stabilisation Mechanism
Date of signature: 22 May 2010
Sta­bil­i­sa­tion Mech­a­nism Act [pdf, 150KB]

Stability Council Act ( Stabilitätsratsgesetz )

Act on the Establishment of a Stability Council and on the Avoidance of Budgetary Emergencies
Date of signature: 10 August 2009
Act on the Es­tab­lish­ment of a Sta­bil­i­ty Coun­cil and on the Avoid­ance of Bud­getary Emer­gen­cies (Sta­bil­i­ty Coun­cil Act) [pdf, 194KB]