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Bet­ti­na Hage­dorn

Portrait of Bettina Hagedorn
Source:  Federal Ministry of Finance / Photothek

Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance

Born in Kiel, Germany, on 26 December 1955, divorced, three adult sons


Education and professional career


Graduated from secondary school in Preetz

1974 - 1976

Studied special needs education in Hamburg

1976 - 1980

Trained as a goldsmith in Plön


Joined the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD)

1993 - 2003

Deputy head of the SPD district branch in Ostholstein

1997 - 2003

Mayor of Kasseedorf

2002 - present

Member of the German Bundestag, member of the Bundestag’s Budget Committee and Auditing Committee

2003 - present

Member of the SPD’s Land executive committee in Schleswig-Holstein

2005 - 2013

Member of the board of trustees, Federal Agency for Civic Education (until 2009; deputy member until 2013)

2007 - present

SPD deputy leader in Schleswig-Holstein

2009 - 2017

Deputy spokesperson for the SPD parliamentary group’s working group on budget policy

2009 - 2018

Member of the SPD parliamentary group’s extended executive committee

2013 - 2017

Chair of the Bundestag’s Auditing Committee

2017 - March 2018

Deputy chair of the Bundestag’s Budget Committee

March 2018 - present

Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance

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