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Role of the Minister and State Secretaries

The Finance Minister manages the Finance Ministry in line with the policy course set by the Federal Chancellor. The Finance Minister is the member of government responsible for all aspects of Germany’s budgetary, fiscal and tax policy. The Ministry’s ten directorates-general provide the Minister with expert assistance in fulfilling his tasks as a member of government.

The Finance Minister is supported by two parliamentary state secretaries. The parliamentary state secretaries are simultaneously members of the Bundestag and thus help to ensure a smooth flow of information between the Ministry and parliament.

The Ministry’s senior leadership also includes the permanent state secretaries. They are charged with coordinating the activities of the directorates-general, which are responsible for developing and implementing legislation.

The directorates-general encompass up to four directorates, and each of these directorates is made up of various divisions. A typical division is comprised of a team of civil servants and public service employees including a division head, policy officers, administrative officers and administrative assistants.