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Visitors’ service

The visitors’ service welcomes groups who are interested in the ministry’s work.

The Finance Ministry’s visitors’ service is an important part of the ministry’s public relations work.

The visitors’ service welcomes groups who are interested in the ministry’s work. Visitors have the opportunity to talk directly to ministry staff (in German or, where possible, in English) and learn more about the ministry’s tasks, working methods and goals. They can also find out more about issues within the ministry’s remit, such as budgetary affairs, taxes, the European Union and financial markets.

To round off the visit, visitors hear a short presentation about the history of the Detlev Rohwedder Building, where the Finance Ministry is located and which embodies the upheavals of modern German history like few other buildings in Berlin.

It is also possible to take part in a guided tour of the ministry, which provides more in-depth information on the building’s history and allows visitors to view individual rooms. Tours are offered in German and, where possible, in English. Please note that places are limited and tours are not always available.

How to register for a visit

Please contact the visitors’ service if you are interested in visiting us. We will try to accommodate your wishes as far as possible. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee that a visit will be possible.

Groups of visitors (for example, school groups or associations): Please describe the composition of the group, the reason why you want to visit the ministry and any specific topics you are interested in. This allows the ministry’s staff to prepare for your visit and ensure you receive the information you need. Groups should consist of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 50 people.

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Guided tours with a focus on the history of the building

Individuals who are interested in taking part in a guided tour of the building should contact the visitors’ service. Out of consideration for the work of the ministry and its staff, guided tours are only available on a limited basis and groups are generally restricted to a maximum of 30 people.

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How to contact the visitors’ service

You can contact us at:

Federal Ministry of Finance
Public Enquiries Division
Wilhelmstrasse 97
10117 Berlin
Tel.: 03018/682-4644

Or get in touch via our contact form.