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4 May 2016

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The Finance Ministry’s traditional duties lie in the fields of budgetary and tax policy. Today, more than ever, the objective is to consolidate public finances and simultaneously to provide impetus for growth and employment. Financial-market policy and monetary policy are further vital areas for which the Federal Ministry of Finance is responsible. The Ministry provides the framework for stable and efficient financial markets – at both national and international level.

The Federal Ministry of Finance plays a key role in shaping European fiscal policy. It develops and co-ordinates positions on EU budgetary and financial issues. The Ministry is also committed to ensuring EU subsidies are used properly and

The Federal Customs Administration, which supports the trade activities of German companies in the international markets and works to combat undeclared work and illegal employment, is also under the Ministry’s supervision. Furthermore, the Ministry is responsible for the privatisation of the Federation’s assets and the settlement of burdens resulting from the war, as well as being the issuer of all postage stamps bearing the inscription “Deutschland”.

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