Finance Minister Olaf Scholz actively participated in the citizen dialogue on the EU (#EUBürgerdialog). Under the hashtag #BMFOnTour, staff members of the Finance Ministry are visiting their former schools to discuss Europe and address questions relating to the future of the euro, the monetary union and the EU budget.

Citizens’ Dialogue on the Future of Europe

Olaf Scholz speaking to the audience Source: Federal Ministry of Finance - Ute Grabowsky - Photothek
Bettina Hagedorn speaking to the students. Source: Federal Ministry of Finance
Finance Minister Olaf Scholz and members of the I. German/Dutch Corps. Source: Federal Ministry of Finance - Inga Kjer - Photothek
Finance Minister Olaf Scholz at the #EUBürgerdialog which took place as part of the ministry’s Open Day. Source: Federal Ministry of Finance
Dominique Lagast, who works in the Finance Ministry’s European law division, visited his former school in the western German town of Arnsberg. Source: Federal Ministry of Finance

Report on the Citizens’ Dialogue on the Future of Europe: The wish to see European answers

How do people in Germany see Europe in their everyday lives? What role does the EU play for Germany? And what form should it take in future? Between the beginning of May and the end of October, more than one hundred events were held across Germany to enable citizens to come together and discuss these and other questions. The results have now been compiled in a report, which has been adopted by the Cabinet. The report reveals that the vast majority of people would like to see European responses to global challenges. More