Some of our Finance Ministry staff left their temporary workplaces in Baden-Baden for a few hours today to pay a visit to the Markgraf Ludwig Gymnasium, a local secondary school. Marianne Kothé, a director at the Finance Ministry, spoke with the school’s approximately 140 upper-level students, explaining how the G20 works and what the German presidency aims to accomplish in the Finance Track.

Equipped with more than just facts and figures, Ms Kothé also provided each student with a special badge that turned them into delegates at a role-play G20 meeting. The students quickly got over their surprise and dove into their assigned task of formulating a sentence on global economic growth for a G20 finance minister communiqué.

The role-playing scenario gave the students an opportunity to experience first-hand how difficult it is for a group of different countries – very often pursuing different interests – to arrive at a mutual solution. For a short time, the school’s auditorium resembled the Kurhaus building in Baden-Baden, where the G20 deputies were meeting at the same time to prepare the meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors, which will kick off on Friday.

The Federal Ministry of Finance would like to thank the Markgraf Ludwig Gymnasium for its support and wishes its students the best of success in their upcoming university entrance examinations.