G20 Africa Partnership – Investing in a Common Future

Music in context

Partnership is based on communication – music is communication between people

High-ranking politicians are meeting in Berlin on 12 June 2017 to attend the international conference “G20 Africa Partnership – Investing in a Common Future”, which forms part of Germany’s G20 presidency. The aim is to enhance cooperation between the G20 and African countries. The participants include the heads of state and government of partner countries in Africa. The priorities of the G20’s Africa Initiative are being discussed in a series of dialogues.

At the conference, music plays a major role as a means of communication.

Eleven artists – seven from Africa, four living here in Berlin – have come together to develop and première a musical interpretation of “partnership” and “dialogue”. Working with great speed and intense focus over a period of four days, they have created artistic and performative events that aim to turn the ideas of partnership and dialogue into music.

What is happening?

African musicians from different countries arrived in Berlin on Thursday, 8 June. They met their Berlin-based colleagues that same evening and embarked on their exciting project the next morning. Practically around the clock, they engaged in musical exchanges, practice sessions, discussions, deliberations and decisions. The conference starts on 12 June. It embodies a special dialogue, both politically and musically – and will culminate in a special concert.

Forward Kwenda Wilfred Nyamasvisva Mafrika (Zimbabwe), Neo Potlak Muyanda, Nolusindiso Jaqueline Manciya, Philisa Aretha Sibeko (South Africa), Kyekyeku (Ghana), Keyti (Senegal) and Robyn Schulkowsky (USA/Berlin), Claudio Puntin (Switzerland/Berlin), Jonathan de la Paz Zaens (Philippines/Berlin) and Begüm Tüzemen (Turkey/Berlin) come together and are delighted to issue an open invitation, following their G20 performance, to a jam session and a closing concert at the venue where they have worked together over the past four days: Studio Schulkowsky, Kreuzbergstr. 7, on Monday, 12 June, at 10 pm.

Music is a common language that connects people across the world. It transcends cultural borders. That is why all our G20 events feature music in cooperation with a highly diverse group of artists.

Marianne Kothé, Federal Ministry of Finance