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The Finance Ministry’s responsibilities are more diverse and interesting than most people might think and cover everything from budgets to customs to fighting financial crime. Keep reading to find out more about the wide variety of issues we work on and the people behind the policies.

Building Federal Ministry of Finance
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The politics of creating opportunity

The Finance Ministry is in charge of budgetary and fiscal policy. Our policies aim to create opportunity – for individuals and businesses, for today’s generation and for generations to come. By making the right investments and harnessing the potential of digital technology, we are helping to shape the transition towards a climate-neutral economy. Here is an overview of our responsibilities and objectives.

We take sound and decisive action to safeguard prosperity and to optimise opportunities for individuals and businesses. We believe: if you manage your money prudently and make smart investments during times of economic calm, you can handle emergencies if they occur. This is the principle behind our priority to regain compliance with the constitutional debt brake. It also helps to ensure fairness towards future generations: rather than saddling coming generations with more government debt, we want them to benefit from forward-looking investments. Low levels of government debt also reduce inflation risks.

More information on fiscal stabilisation policies is available here.

We have already implemented a number of measures to ease the burden on taxpayers. In addition, we want to prevent “bracket creep” and ensure that pay rises actually end up in people’s pockets. To do this, we intend to enact additional tax relief measures. The government needs fiscal resources to provide such relief. This means that the tax system has to be fair in order to ensure that enough resources are on hand. To this end, we are taking action to fight financial crime and advocating the introduction of a global minimum tax. This will ensure that multinational corporations pay their fair share of taxes just like local businesses do.

Shaping the transition to a climate-neutral economy is a challenge that confronts all of us. Making the necessary transformations will require a decade of targeted investment. Our fiscal policy aims to unleash the potential for growth. In the area of tax policy, we are creating incentives to accelerate climate action and digitalisation. This will ensure that Germany remains an attractive place to do business and will boost our long-term competitiveness.

Find out more here.

If we want Germany to be fit for the future, our country must be a hub of innovation. To strengthen our culture of innovation, we need bold entrepreneurs who are backed up by the right policy framework. Our approach involves not only government investment but also the creation of a climate in Germany where private investors want to be active because they see promising opportunities. We are cutting red tape, modernising the financial sector, and placing innovation promotion – in the area of digitalisation, for example – at the heart of our financial market policy.

Our objectives

employee in the ministry Stable public finances
employee in the ministry Growth
employees in the ministry Fair taxes
employee in the ministry Innovation

Ministry What does the Finance Ministry do?

This infographic provides a unique insight into the Finance Ministry’s work.

Download (pdf, 208KB) : What does the Finance Ministry do?

A modern, digital finance ministry

We are working to expand diversity and opportunity at the Federal Ministry of Finance. We’ve already made important progress: for example, the proportion of women in management positions is rising steadily and exceeds 40% in several directorates-general.

In 2021, the Finance Ministry signed Germany’s Diversity Charter. In addition, we have established an in-house network called “Diversify@BMF” that aims to make the Finance Ministry more inclusive and international. We are certain: diversity is an asset that enhances our performance and makes us more innovative.

In addition to diversity and equal opportunity, digitalisation is a third key quality that a modern public authority needs. By simplifying our procedures and placing more of our services online, we are making the public administration more user-friendly. Internally, we are building an increasingly agile, digital and interdisciplinary working environment. And by cooperating closely with leading private sector experts, we are speeding up the implementation of joint projects.

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