Ger­man-Ital­ian pro­pos­al for re­design­ing the EU bud­get

In a joint paper, German and Italian finance ministers Peter Altmaier and Pier Carlo Padoan set out their ideas for redesigning the EU budget, taking into account the existing financial possibilities. Their proposals focus on a stronger promotion of structural reforms and European public goods, from which all EU citizens can benefit.


2 July 2018

The EU’s 2018 Ageing Report and the outlook for Germany

The analysis of the European Union’s latest Ageing Report provided in the Finance Ministry’s June 2018 monthly report shows that the long-term sustainability of public finances in the EU member states continues to face major challenges as a result of demographic change. Germany is disproportionately affected by increases in age-related spending.

25 May 2018

Eurogroup and ECOFIN meetings in May 2018

European finance ministers convened in Brussels on 24-25 May 2018 for their monthly Eurogroup and ECOFIN Council meetings. The ECOFIN Council reached an important agreement on the “banking package” that will pave the way towards the completion of the banking union. If a crisis occurs in the future, banks, shareholders and creditors – not taxpayers – will be liable for losses.

29 June 2017

The Brexit process: challenges and opportunities

Brexit presents the EU27 with the challenge of maintaining the unity of the EU, upholding the integrity of the single market, and limiting damage to citizens and companies. There will be two years of negotiations between the EU27 and the UK, starting with talks about an exit deal. Later in the negotiations, the two sides will discuss their future relations.

25 July 2016

“Europe has to make a difference”

An interview with Wolfgang Schäuble about global problems and European solutions. The interview was published in the 23 July issue of Bild.