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The German Finance Ministry has launched its own FinCamp, a new series of events aimed at promoting dialogue with German financial technology companies. The first event focused on the future of digital banking and was held on 14 April 2016. It was attended by about 150 representatives of German FinTech start-ups, banks and associations, as well as staff members of the Finance Ministry, Deutsche Bundesbank and Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Under the patronage of Parliamentary State Secretary Jens Spahn, participants discussed tomorrow’s digital financial services.

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  • In­no­va­tion and digi­ti­sa­tion are a must, not an op­tion

    In an Interview with the FintechInsider published on 31 January 2017 Deputy Finance Minister Jens Spahn shares his views on current and future FinTech developments.

  • Study on the Ger­man Fin­Tech mar­ket

    The German Finance Ministry has commissioned the first comprehensive study on the German FinTech market. Parliamentary State Secretary Jens Spahn and Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf from the University of Trier presented the study at the hub conference in Berlin on 22 November 2016.

  • Supervision and regulation

    Initially, FinTech start-ups often find dealing with supervisory authorities and financial market regulators difficult. Click the link below for information to help you navigate existing regulations and improve your understanding of how regulatory requirements are applied.

  • Support for start-ups

    Especially in the early stages, entrepreneurs need more than just encouragement and moral support. Fortunately, there are a number of services offering concrete advice and financial support for start-ups and young companies. Click below to learn more about some of these services.

  • Community

    Young, innovative financial companies – FinTech start-ups – are challenging the ‘big players’ from the traditional financial industry. FinTech companies have access to incredibly wide network and can reach customers and the community using modern communications platforms. Click below to find out more about some of these companies.

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