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Stamps are popular collectables and tiny works of art.

The meaning of stamps

Stamps are far more than just a means of paying for postage: They reflect their times and represent Germany abroad – they are also tiny works of art and can even be used to make a donation to charity. Few people realise that all stamps bearing the inscription “Deutschland” are issued by the German Finance Ministry.

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  • Special stamps

    Stamps add a decorative touch to our post, are reflections of their times, and can even be used to make a donation to charity. The German Finance Ministry issues around 50 of these little works of art every year. Here is an overview of all special stamps from 2010 to today.

  • Stamp pro­gramme 2019

    Germany’s special stamps in 2019 showcase 52 different themes. The stamp programme committee at the Federal Ministry of Finance selected these themes from a wide assortment of proposals submitted by institutions and private individuals (file does not meet accessibility standards).

  • Plus stamps

    German stamps can be used to do a good deed since 1949. Every year, the German Finance Ministry issues special “plus stamps” which cost a little extra in addition to the postage fee. The extra charge goes to charity. These “plus stamps” now generate around €10 million for a good cause every year.