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Media Contacts

Here is an overview of all our press contacts who can help representatives of the media with information about technical issues, background material and events. Please feel free to contact us using the general media contact details listed below. Alternatively, you can contact the relevant spokesperson directly if you have a question on a specialist topic.

General contact details for media enquiries

Tel.: +49 (0) 3018 682 - 4291
Fax: +49 (0) 3018 682 - 1367 or 2394

Our contact persons for the media

  1. Steffen Hebestreit

    Head of the communication directorate, spokesperson for the Minister
    Portrait photo of Steffen Hebestreit
  2. Dennis Kolberg

    Head of the press division
    Portrait photo of Dennis Kolberg
  3. Martin Chaudhuri

    Spokesperson for issues relating to compensation and restitution for Nazi crimes, historical topics, government holdings and privatisation, and coins and postage stamps
    Portrait photo of Martin Chaudhuri
  4. Dr. Nadine Kalwey

    Spokesperson for international financial and economic policies and financial market issues
    Portrait photo of Dr. Nadine Kalwey
  5. Katja Novak

    Spokesperson, international media
    Portrait photo of Katja Novak
  6. Kristina Wogatzki

    Spokesperson for fiscal policy strategy, national fiscal policy and federal financial relations
    Portrait photo of Kristina Wogatzki