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  1. 18 October 2019

    "Climate policy will shape all policy areas"

    On 18 October 2019, Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz gave a speech on climate policy at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington on the sidelines of the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group in Washington. He made the points that coordinated action against climate change will be the defining issue for foreign policy and that it will become a business opportunity.

  2. 7 June 2019

    Interview with Olaf Scholz in the Japanese business newspaper The Nikkei

    In an interview with The Nikkei, Japan’s leading business daily, Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz discusses issues at the top of today’s fiscal policy agenda. In the run-up to the G20 meeting in Japan, he underlines how important it is for leaders to agree on an international system that ensures a minimum level of taxation. He also talks about current national projects such as the basic pension.

  3. 8 May 2019

    “A minimum tax will ensure greater fairness in international tax law.”

    At the 6th International Tax Symposium in Berlin, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz expressed his support for a global minimum effective tax on companies. He also stated that the fair taxation of companies will be one of the priorities Germany’s EU Council presidency in the second half of 2020.

  4. 12 April 2019

    Olaf Scholz on the transatlantic partnership

    On 12 April 2019, Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz gave a speech at the Peterson Institute for International Economics on "The Transatlantic Partnership: Common Values in a Changing World". He underlined the importance of a strong and stable European Union side by side with a powerful but principled United States of America.