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Laws in English

This section contains a selection of German laws translated into English. Please note that the translations are intended solely as a convenience. Only the German text is authentic.

Article 115 Act (Artikel 115-Gesetz)

Act on the Implementation of Article 115 of the Basic Law
Date of signature: 10 August 2009

Article 115 Ordinance (Artikel 115-Verordnung)

Ordinance on the Procedure for Determining the Cyclical Component under Section 5 of the Article 115 Act
Date of signature: 9 June 2010

Budgetary Principles Act (Haushaltsgrundsätzegesetz)

Act on the Principles of Federation and Länder Budgetary Law (Budgetary Principles Act)
Date of signature: 19 August 1969

Consolidation Assistance Act (Konsolidierungshilfengesetz)

Act on the Granting of Consolidation Assistance (Consolidation Assistance Act)
Date of signature: 10 August 2009

ESM Financing Act (ESM-Finanzierungsgesetz)

Act on Financial Participation in the European Stability Mechanism
Date of Signature: 13 September 2012

Federal Budget Code (Bundeshaushaltsordnung)

Date of signature: 19 August 1969

Federal Court of Auditors Act (Bundesrechnungshofgesetz)

Act on the Federal Court of Auditors (Federal Court of Auditors Act)
Date of signature: 11 July 1985

Stabilisation Mechanism Act (Stabilisierungsmechanismusgesetz)

Act on the Assumption of Guarantees within the Framework of a European Stabilisation Mechanism (Stabilisation Mechanism Act – StabMechG)
Date of signature: 22 May 2010

Stability Council Act (Stabilitätsratsgesetz)

Act on the Establishment of a Stability Council and on the Avoidance of Budgetary Emergencies (Stability Council Act)
Date of signature: 10 August 2009

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